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What every job seeker should know about interviewing

For an employer. job interviews are the best and only way to gauge if someone will be a good fit for a position, and ultimately, will be one of the deciding factors in whether or not you move forward in the hiring process.

Things you can do to prepare for an interview

First and foremost, be familiar with the company (what the company does, the company's history, etc.) and also with the specific position for which you are applying. If you've found the job online, be sure to read through the job description. If you found out about the job through a friend, colleague, or even the newspaper, make an effort to find out everything you can about the job before you speak with the recruiting/hiring manager.


Many employers often use phone interviews for the first, or preliminary, interview. If you've secured a phone interview with a prospective employer, be sure that when it comes time for the interview, you can sit in a quite place and dedicate all of your focus to the conversation. It's easy to get distracted by a television, kids, or hundreds of others things, but first impressions matter. You should treat a phone interview with the same professionalism that you would treat an in-person interview.


Interview Best Practices

  1. Always prepare for an interview

  2. Confirm all the details (date, time, driving directions if it's an in-person interview, etc.)

  3. Be prepared and be on-time if you're having an in-person interview

  4. Be ready to ask questions--questions can be about the company, the position, or both

  5. Attitude is everything--always be confident and have a positive attitude during the interview

  6. Always have a fresh copy of your resume available for in-person interviews

  7. Remember, having a professional image (men should be clean-shaven, dressed professionally, etc.) can really help you SELL yourself to a prospective employer! You can't only make a first impression once, so make it count!

  8. Follow-up after an interview with a simple note or e-mail message thanking the interviewer for their time and reaffirming your interest in the position.